Chanel VS Dior


Whenever I feel like splurging on a luxurious make-up item, Chanel and Dior are always my first picks. They always have new collections, the packaging is gorgeous, there’s no denying the quality of the make-up looks and feels amazing and they both have some extremely tempting items. It does depend on what sort of beauty product you’re after, but I’m going to battle them up against each other in order for me to finally decide which brand I find myself lusting after the most.
These choices are completely my opinion and I’m purely going on the products I’ve tried and tested.
Unluckily for Dior, Chanel has completely captured my heart and their ‘illuminating base’ is my all time fav, I’ve tried so many primers and this one hands down, blows any others out of the water. I do like Dior’s Skinflash Primer but it’s not the best for oily skin.
Verdict – Chanel

I didn’t get along with Chanel’s foundations, I’ve tried pretty much all of them and I find they’re never enough coverage for me and don’t work well with my oily skin. Chanel definitely likes the dewy look in their foundation which is gorgeous, but I need something a little more matte. Dior has an amazing range of foundations, I love the Diorskin Nude range plus the newest Airflash foundation is gorgeous.
Verdict – Dior

My current powder is from Dior, it’s their loose powder (the first loose powder I’ve tried) and I’m loving it, Chanel’s Poudre Universelle Compact powder is brilliant and keeps me matte all day long and I have repurchased it twice now.
Verdict – Chanel

I have the Diorskin Nude Poudre De Solei Bronzing Powder and I’ve tried a few others, all are brilliant and do the job but the one I have has a slight shimmer which I don’t like in a bronzer. Chanel’s Soleil Tan De Chanel Bronzing Make-up Base is my all time favourite, I’ve done a review on it so you may know how much I love it.
Verdict – Chanel

Dior’s Amber Diamond Poudre Shimmer has been one of my favourite highlighters for a long time, it’s just a really gorgeous subtle shimmer which makes your cheekbones pop. It can also be used as an eyeshadow due to all the different shades of browns and champagnes. The newest Diorskin Nude shimmer compact is also amazing, it’s just one shade and creates a lovely glow.
I really love Soleil Tan De Chanel Sheer Illuminating Base, it’s a bronzed highlighter that you can tap onto your cheekbones and have a natural looking glow, apart from this, I hated Chanel’s highlighters, I felt the powder options were way too shimmery.
Verdict – Dior

I recently purchased Dior’s new limited edition blusher in ‘Rosy Glow’, it’s meant to adapt to your skin tone and create a natural girly flush on your cheeks. It looks scary in the packaging but when it’s on your cheeks, it looks beautiful. I like the colour range on their other blushers, they seem to focus more on the pinky tones which I love. Chanel do a wide range of blushers also, they used to use a lot of shimmer which put me off but their new spring collection seems to have more matte blushers and they’re gorgeous.
Verdict – Dior

For me, this is no question at all, I adore Chanel’s shadows. I love their Illusion D’ombre pots which are just creamy, pigmented glitter and then their powder shadows are extremely smooth and come in such classy shades. I dislike Dior’s eyeshadows, I find when you open them they look beautiful with a really pretty subtle shimmer but after a few uses, I can see that the shimmer is only on the top of the shadow and underneath is just a plain powder.
Verdict – Chanel

I have tried pretty much all of the mascaras from the Diorshow range, some of them I love and then others are really clumpy on my lashes. I really like the Diorshow Iconic, it makes my lashes longer and spreads them out but the original Diorshow doesn’t work with my lashes. I’ve only tried one Chanel mascara and that’s the one I currently use often, it’s the Chanel Inimitable Curl Separation one and I do love it more than any Dior mascara. This is probably a really odd opinion because I know how loved the Dior mascaras are.
Verdict – Chanel

I’m not really too bothered about eyeliners and don’t really tend to splash out on them, however I have tried a liner from each brand, both of them were liquid. I have the Chanel Ecriture Automatic liquid liner which is awful, it smudges and by the end of the day my top liner is by my eyebrows. The pen is also quite difficult to apply a firm and neat line. The Dior Style Liner is a lot better, I can actually apply it easily and it doesn’t smudge. However, I wouldn’t spend the money to repurchase either.
Verdict – Dior

I love lipstick so this is the most fun topic for me, I have a few of each brands lipstick and mainly go by colour range rather than how they apply because I find all lipsticks do what they’re supposed to do. Chanel probably has my favourite colour range, I just love how pigmented they are. I particularly love the new shades in the spring collection. Dior has a good range but I have less of them because when I browse the two brands, I always prefer a Chanel colour.
Verdict – Chanel

I love love love Dior nail polish, I don’t have many because I can’t justify the price for a nail polish but the colour range in Dior is fabulous, particularly their spring/summer shades. Chanel do some really classy polish colours and I prefer their packaging but Dior holds the crown for this topic.
Verdict – Dior

So it’s, 6-5 to Chanel. A very close score and one I’m not surprised with because I really love both brands. I think when Dior have a product I love then it will be a massive HG for me but then Chanel make more products that I love in terms of quantity. Hope you enjoyed my rambling battle.

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  1. omg I was just about to do a Chanel review myself ! I dont have too many Chanel and Dior products, but after trying and testing I have to say Chanel Mascara is the BEST …bestest !

  2. For me, it’s more of a battle between ASDA and TESCO Make up…
    Still, they do offer quality products and a great price. Lipstick=ASDA Liquid Eye Liner=TESCO both are long lasting and great colours/performance

  3. Whow, lovely post, I love that you’re comparing two high-end luxury brands, for the price I do believe people should know exactly what they’re getting and if there’re better options =)

  4. I thought I was mainly a Dior girl but come think of it I have a good mixture of both, I agree with your lipstick choice. I have loads of Chanel lipsticks as they are colour true where as my Dior especially the reds never come out red enough more pinky, might be my lips of course!

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